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This seems like a simple recipe for group cohesion, infused into a handful of magical items. Both types of sets individual and group are pretty incredible as a whole. Reading through the epic group sets, I was quickly compelled to work the potential for a few of those into my campaign. It also seems that the authors and design teams responsible for these supplements are really getting to the pulse of the favored character archetypes.

In this book are several set items designed around tinkerers or gadgeteers, which I have had in an adventuring party recently. One aspect of this book that I truly enjoy are the segments of history, lore, and flavor text that the authors have chosen to include. Throughout the Magic Items sections, there are insets that describe the history or flavor surrounding certain magic item types. Many of these insets include several plot hooks that can be used to inject a magical item into your world.

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  • Adventurer's Vault 2: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement by Rob Heinsoo!
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  • Attribute-value logic and the theory of grammar.
  • Adventurer’s Vault 2: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement.

To me, this is one of the most valuable aspects of this entire book. In addition, all of the sets — both group and individual — have Lore sections that provide increasingly specific details surrounding the history of the set.

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This, once again, provides a lot of opportunity for the Dungeon Master to include these sets into the world and give the players a sense of awe when they acquire an item from the set. Some of the Lore sections included appear so detailed as they could be the foundational points for an entire main segment of a campaign, just add water!

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Adventurer’s Vault 2: Overview and Item Sets

Your email address will never be published. The Waterdeep Primer is a Dungeon Master's go to document to learn about or refresh their knowledge of the current state of Waterdeep. The Primer saves Dungeon Masters time by reducing the amount of searching and reading needed to gain an up to date understanding of the current state of Waterdeep. The Primer will provide you will all you need to know to start creating your own adventures or campaigns in Waterdeep. Once a DM has a base understanding of Waterdeep, they can use the Waterdeep Primer to locate other DMs Guild products that provide more detail and useful tools for running an adventure or campaign in Waterdeep.

Capture the energy and mood of our favorite heist movies with this special rules supplement, which is strongly informed by the new classic RPG "Blades in the Dark", by John Harper and Evil Hat Productions. By the end of this module, the characters will have grown into themselves, determine their origins as heroes or villains of varying classes, and discover what will motivate them to take on life as an adventurer.

If you're creating new characters for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, consider these three new backgrounds for use with your character. If you're a DM planning on running the adventure, there's a new faction as well: The Heralds. The upcoming "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist" will undoubtedly be a launching point for many new campaigns.

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Waterdeep is a grand city with a storied history. Part of that history is the establishment of the noble families who live in the city and bring it prosperity.

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This folio of game handouts provides the front pages of 13 newspapers, broadsheets and scandal rags found in the City of Splendors. As handouts, they serve as table props and boost the game atmosphere for your sessions. The stories and headlines on these pages can provide adventure ideas that can take place alongside Waterdeep Dragon Heist. As the party settles in to their new home in Trollskull Alley, the neighborhood welcomes another addition. A lady from a faraway land has acquired the old Priory of the Overgod, a long-abandoned structure at the eastern end of the alley. Shortly after Lady Boguescu and her small retinue move into the priory, strange occurrences begin haunting the alley.

The east end of the alley sees an uptick in vermin, and a strange fog seems to fill the alley, regardless of the season. Shadows seem longer. Soon Fala Lefaliir begins complaining that their supplies are spoiling. Will the owners of Trollskull Manor be able to discover the nature of these dark disturbances and put a stop to it? Or will the people of the alley fall prey to the Lady of Trollskull Priory? Originally designed for Waterdeep Dragon Heist, but it location non-specific. Digital map for use in your Waterdeep campaign in the Forgotten Realms!

Monsters from 2 nd and 3 rd edition from Waterdeep-specific sources and monster manuals.

The clockroach, dweomervore, ghaundan, greater leucrota, guardgoyle, mageripper swarm, nyth, scaladar, taunting haunt and wilora are featured, all converted to 5e rules. This prop-deed was written in the styling of a french deed of a similar nature. The verbage and redundancies stay true to the bureaucratic stylings of the masked lords and high speech one might find from scriveners and scribes.

It's where you and the players get to set your own pace, create unique stories and forge a lasting relationship with Waterdeep and its residents. But, as is often the case, freedom can become overwhelming. What should you use from the chapter? How do you use it?


For who? The goal of this document is to help you find the answer to those questions and provide the tools to create a fun and manageable sandbox for your players. You'll find advice and embellishments on nearly everything that's described in the chapter, which will hopefully help you DM the chapter. So Volo gave you Trollskull Manor. You even had it renovated and first patrons come to taste your ale. Beautiful, colour, grid or no-grid re-imagined, hand-drawn maps of each floor!

Urban Archetypes includes 30 urban-themed subclasses and 17 spells including lovely spells like Conjure Mugger and Lawyer-Up for any cityscape campaign or character. Heart Hunt is an urban murder mystery adventure designed for 3rd level characters. Depending on how much the characters explore and number of players, you can expect this specific story to take anywhere from hours. This product is for DMs whose player characters are looking for a business other than Trollskull Manor to run and operate in the course of their Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign.

Interaction, exploration of the city, two combat encounters, and an all new dice game! This is a five-hour adventure for 1st to 4th level characters. When playing this adventure, expect to encounter any of the following: a talking goldfish, a table-flipping bugbear, a gnome with ichthyophobia, robot beholders, a disco dance floor, a giant slot machine, a book titled "Wizardry for Dummies," and a chance to steal from a laundry list of magical artifacts out of the Xanathar's personal treasury.

This adventure fits very well in a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign, and there are instructions for inserting the adventure into any number of different places in Dragon Heist. Chapter 3: Fireball is the real 'hook' of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

It's where the adventure starts in earnest, as an explosion of fire pulls the adventurers from their leisurely lives at Trollskull Manor and right into the middle of a criminal investigation - and a hunt for , gold dragons! But how to make sure the party actually get involved? And that they find the clues they need to get where they need to go? And how do you handle the chaos of Gralhund Villa? The goal of this document is to provide you, the Dungeon Master, with tools and thoughts that'll help you make Chapter 3 of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist easy for you to run and enjoyable for your players.

Looking for a good way to start your Dragon Heist game? Hand out these spoiler-free whispers and rumors to your players and let the map mania take over! Includes 9 rumors connected to the rumors of treasure maps floating around Waterdeep. Suitable for a variety of character backgrounds. In the private study of Lady Cassalanter stands an infernal tome, the Red Grimoire, whose dark secrets are revealed using the only currency that truly matters - blood.

This document is designed to be found either within the study or in the book itself and serves as a visual handout for players. I've made some paper miniatures for Waterdeep: Dragon Heist! In this document we explore the Gray Hands also known as Force Grey — one of the most interesting and unique factions available to player characters in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. With inspiration from the source material, we've crafted three whole faction missions from the brief outlines given in the campaign book, complete with challenging encounter, beautiful battlemaps, entertaining skill challenges and unique treasure.

Being a member of the Gray Hands have never been this fun — or this dangerous! The Haunting at Trollskull Manor is a short adventure balanced for four 2nd-3rd level characters for chapter 2 of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and is designed to be completed in two sessions as the adventurers confront the ambulant spirit s that haunt the manor.

It expands upon the grisly history of Trollskull, particularly the dark chapter it spent as an orphanage headed by a cannibalistic hag. Who knows why adventurers are drawn together? The lust for gold, a common foe, or the whimsy of fate? Pull up a stool, stoke the hearth, and let YOUR story begin! Optimized for APL 1. Rumors abound of a map that leads to a treasure of unimaginable value. When chance drops the map into your hands, you have the chance to become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

The chase is on. Part One of the Umbral Aristocracy Trilogy. A Hour Adventure for Tier 1 Characters. Optimized for APL 3. The treasure hunt has led to the City of the Dead.

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Beneath that well-manicured park is an ancient crypt where the treasure awaits you! Part Two of the Umbral Aristocracy Trilogy. A Adventure for Tier 1 Characters. However, the man you were set against is more than willing to forgive and forget, if you are willing join forces to seek a terrible vengeance. Part Three of the Umbral Aristocracy Trilogy. Continue your adventures after completing Waterdeep Dragon Heist! In this adventure for levels 5 to 7, one of Waterdeep's factions reaches out with a special assignment: locate their missing agent! Dungeon Masters, this article is for you.