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Oxford: Berg.

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Comparative Education Review , 50 2 , — Rist, G. The history of development: From Western origins to global faith. In today's world, however, the traditional model of peace followed by rebuilding and reintegration of refugees is more the exception than the rule. Local communities attempt to pursue social and economic reconstruction without waiting for a cease-fire. Demobilization and disarmament are occurring while conflict continues in other regions, and the success of continued demobilization hinges on economic opportunity for soldiers.

Reconciliation of the entire post-conflict society depends on successful demilitarization and most importantly, the meting out of justice. All of this implies that where a minimum degree of security and stability does exist, we must support reconciliation at the community level in addition to traditional emergency relief.

Reconciliation programs can resolve violent conflict, consolidate peace and create the basis for political reconstruction and new state legitimacy. In situations of actual or latent violent conflict, civil society - including interest groups, the media, business associations and trade unions, community groups and NGOs - are all often severely weakened and divisions are accentuated. In war-torn societies, some portion of each of these entities may still be capable of building bridges between otherwise enemy groups. Therefore, I would like to make a plea for a new form of international development cooperation, which in war-torn societies or failed states does not confine itself to short-term emergency relief, but instead promotes development cooperation during conflict.

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Such collaborative development assistance must reinforce the stabilizing role that local actors within civil society can play. Development cooperation during conflict can also engage in activities with reconciliatory objectives such as programs which:.