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Martin, C. Smith, L. Whitesides, G. Doshi, J. Ma, P. Mater Res. Barnes, C. Drug Deliv. Cooley, J. Morton, W.

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Formhals, A. Taylor, G. Murugan, R. Tissue Eng. Jiang, H. Sill, T. Chakraborty, S. Bhardwaj, N.

Petrik, S. Smith, D. Liang, D.


Wang, M. Ignatova, M. Yang, D. Carbohydrate Polym. Taepaiboon, P.

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Few approaches have been developed to modify electrospinning in order to facilitate its transition from laboratory to industry. One way with polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride PHGH and tested to achieve commercially feasible, larger production volumes is to incor- for their antibacterial properties.

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Although as-spun membranes did porate multi-spinneret systems instead of a single needle. However, times, while reducing the mean pore size from 0.

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In a comparison between the two process- membranes also showed higher protein adsorption rates than commer- es, Yener et al. When coated with a positively charged dual-vinyl through needle and roller electrospinning. A schematic of the roller polymer, the membrane showed high retention rates of At higher polymer concen- atively charged water borne bacteria. These self-supporting membranes trations, greater production throughput can be achieved with roller can potentially be applied to MF for the removal of bacteria and viruses electrospinning.

Cao et al. It is a highly versatile technique in which operating with poly methyl methacrylic acid PMAA. Compared to conventional membrane fabrication techniques, electrospinning 3. Industrial upscaling is able to produce membranes with high pore interconnectivity and relatively uniform pore size distribution, both of which contribute Although electrospinning has the potential to produce functional to overall membrane performance.

In recent years, functionalizing agents such as nanoparti- ibility. Environmental concerns of electrospinning have also still not cles have been incorporated into electrospun membranes to increase been comprehensively understood for wide-scale industrialization. Possible geometries for multi-spinneret injection systems []. Much of the work in the past few tion of electrospinning. Thermal treatment has been used extensively on electrospun membrane structure. Other chemically induced post-treatment methods such currently used phase inversion membranes. While most existing setups are restricted to lab-scale rapid surge of studies focused on electrospun membranes for MD.

Al- production, electrospinning is slowly moving toward larger production though electrospun membranes may be used for other processes such volumes. Roller electrospinning setup []. This also commands the [2] M. Shirazi, A. Kargari, M. Shirazi, Direct contact membrane distillation for need for more modeling-based research in order to predict key seawater desalination, Desalin.

Water Treat. The long-term stability, particular- [4] M. Takht Ravanchi, T. Kaghazchi, A. Vrentas, C.

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Vrentas, Transport in nonporous membranes, Chem. Geise, H. Lee, D. Miller, B. Freeman, J. McGrath, D.

Paul, Water puri- search on water treatment. B Polym. Chung, S. Zhang, K. Wang, J. Su, M. Ling, Forward osmosis processes: yes- remains a promising technique for developing high performance terday, today and tomorrow, Desalination 78— Cath, A. Childress, M. Elimelech, Forward osmosis: principles, applications, and recent developments, J. Cabasso, Organic liquid mixtures separation by permselective polymer List of abbreviations membranes.

Selection and characteristics of dense isotropic membranes employed RO reverse osmosis in the pervaporation process, Ind. FO forward osmosis [10] A. Yildirim, N. Hilmioglu, S. Vallieres, E. Khayet, J. Villaluenga, M.