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When every square inch can be measured in terms of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a platform, blast and fire protection that simply takes up less space is a huge benefit. In contrast, ContraBlast is a fully-integrated pre-formed fire and blast protection panel that is light in weight and offers excellent performance, in a small footprint.

Advanced Structural Analysis

The ContraBlast panel system offers a very versatile and effective solution in meeting the challenge of the topside environment. ContraBlast offers a blast rating up to 1. Unlike many competitor systems, there is zero degradation of PFP passive fire protection after the blast event. Back face temperatures remain low for a significantly longer period than with more conventional blast wall options, when tested both in extremely aggressive jet fire and in hydrocarbon pool fire situations. This performance earns ContraBlast ratings of up to JF and H, to tick the boxes for specifiers.

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A further advantage of ContraBlast is that it is dry fit, eliminating the need for welding, which is obviously a major plus-point in the high-risk environment of an oil platform. The mm x mm panels can be combined using their tongue and groove joints for coverage of larger areas, forming a completely sealed blast and fire resistant wall system. Assessment of gas explosion loads is used as a basis for weight optimisation of topside designs built to reduce gas explosion hazards.

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Our variety of specialists within areas ranging from material technology, integrity management to monitoring and inspection make us a qualified supplier and partner to the offshore industry. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information, or if you have any questions or inquiries.

Understanding structural behaviour and response When designing structures, a variety of important aspects are considered. Integrated assessment of fire and structural response Structural response due to fire actions is assessed by applying heat flow, based on radiation, convection and conduction to the system. Consultancy and expertise We offer experience and expertise tailored to your specific needs. Send message.

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Add to list. Submerged carbon steel and carbon steel in the splash zone Submerged stainless steel and stainless steel in the splash zone. Coating solutions for offshore fixed platforms. Jacket The jacket is the foundation of a fixed platform and is exposed to a severe corrosive environment including waves, ice, UV radiation, wet and dry cycles.

go to link Topside structure The topside structure is exposed to severe UV radiation, and a topcoat may soon lose gloss and colour to the extent that refurbishment is desired. The answer to this is the super durable topcoat Hardtop Optima - based on the latest polysiloxane technology and with a good HSE profile.

Hardtop Optima. Fire protection A majority of offshore assets require some degree of jet fire protection, PFP passive fire protection. Jotachar JF - mesh free jet fire protection. Temperature management As an offshore oil and gas production plant, the fixed platform hosts complicated modules consisting of pipes and valves working at extreme temperatures. Jotatemp Ceramic.

Offshore Platform Construction: Topside Module Installation