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Transplant hair curl to chin. Shave head.

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Knock out some teeth and Add various spots, pimples, thicken ears. All done! Grotty George is a bloke who likes burping in movie theatres, scratching his bum and collecting used tissues. Ugly and disgusting things you can add to your Kartoons. What gives? Take a baby, for instance.

How to Draw Krappy Kartoons Really Well

Everyone knows that babies are CUTE, but what does that mean? Yep, all the telltale signs of the UGLY. How does that work? She knows that babies need an edge. So she invented these five laws to make the little horrors a little bit more user-friendly and just plain irresistible. Large head and small body Big wide glassy eyes Little upturned nose Big feet, small hands Small mouth and tiny ears.

Easy stomach!!! Let this be a lesson. Now you have the power of KUTE , use it wisely. Take these two close relations, our baby and his grandpa. By simply using the same body with different-sized heads you can greatly alter the appearance and create not only cute , but also.

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Grab the nearest person — ignore their Bad Breath and look into their eyes. To get our eyes shiny we need to add in this white dot. Look what happens when we use the Cute rules.

Kids Try Famous Foods From Cartoons, From Spongebob to The Simpsons

So, people are all funny-looking, right? But they also all look very different from each other. To do a Kartoon of a person, you first have to pick out two or three things that make that person different or ODD! What about normal- looking people? What then? Look a little harder and you will soon see just how weird the world really is, or can be with a little KK help. Throw in some hair on the mole, crazy eyeballs and a wicked smile and then. Kartoonising animals works much the same way. Now what features make a Koala a Koala? We do this by using characters or things that represent those types of personality — for instance.

Mr Krud. Combine the two and we get. Can you think of any others? Colours are like a Big Family. And as in all families, some get along while others are always clashing. Note: for this experiment to work, all underwear must be no more than three days old.

How to Draw a Krabby Patty

So, the lesson is when it comes to putting colours together just like picking undies , go with what feels comfortable and always take chances. Have fun.

Surprise people. Light brown skin, dark brown hair, brown dress, brown sky and brown land. Used the right way, sound effects can be a FUN way to add humour and movement to an otherwise dull, lifeless Krappy Kartoon. Take a look at this pic. Nothing much happening here! Most words that are used to describe a sound or an action tend to resemble that sound or action. Ducks all over the world make the same noise, right? Other languages all have their own versions, for instance. Instead they simplify the sound, making it a kind of Kartoon version.

This burp sneaks up and happens before you know it. This one has been building for a long time. Starts small but just keeps getting bigger. Usually involves some fluid escaping. Make your sound effect point to where the noise is coming from and shape the word like a sound wave.

Practise on some burps , a hiccup or a few yawns and when you feel up to it have a go at these more challenging sounds! Some of my least favourites would be. Maybe a cover of a new book. What to do??? I really need the money! Oh yeah, it kinda, sorta, got in the way!

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Kids are good at that, right? A Polar Bear is pretty hard to draw too, especially in a snow- storm. They know what a Polar Bear looks like and will mentally fill in the blanks. Assuming stuff. We all know that businessmen have feet and usually wear shoes which are pretty hard to draw. Why go to all the trouble of drawing them when we can have our man standing in a puddle a box or hole would also work? They are so hard to draw! OK, I have just one word for you. More Non-Handy Hints Try adding these to your pictures. Spot the Difference. Sounds complicated, but as it was invented by a monkey I think you should be able to work it out.

Sometimes, though, that can work in our favour. Book It's true!

How to draw Krappy Kartoons really well

This is the best book on bones you'll ever read! Did you know that Santa Claus once punched a bishop? Have you heard of weaver's bottom and housemaid's knee? What's an ossuary? Bone up on bunions, explore X-rays, find your femur.

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Knuckle down to the facts on people who picnic in graveyards. Discover how experts find murder clues in dry bones, and why we can't wag our tails. Seek out the secrets of skulls and skeletons. The Wayward Princess. Sally Watson. A Gypsy lad named Finch arrives at Wychwood Castle to find it a tangle of muddled chivalry and magic.

Though four royal children conform to rules of chivalry, Princess Elaine is a red-haired hoyden who can't faint, wants to study witchcraft rather than marrying, and whose magic spells always go wrong and so do most others. Prince Arthur wishes that just once, people would follow the rules of chivalry-but they never do-not even Thunder, his warhorse, who loves to cheat at tournaments. Finch, fascinated, stays as stable boy and tone-deaf troubadour to join Elaine in scrapes. What with the awful Fer de Lance family, a wicked enchantress, a mad magician, two witches, three cats, a sourcerous hive of bees, a spell-casting mouse, and some temperamental horses, they manage to enchant broomsticks, palace guards, a feather duster, a footstool, troubadours and even Elaine herself.

King Godobert, determined to find husbands for his daughters, holds a Quest.

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No one wants Elaine, so, betrothed willy nilly to a perfect stranger, she rages that she won't marry him. Finch vanishes. Elaine misses him-but when a pink magpie delivers a "save me, save me, save me" message, life promises to be interesting despite everything.

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