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Wearing a cross, l I care a lot about my religion.

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And the thing that concerns me the most is that, as the major institutions of Christianity begin to fall apart, and new forms of spiritu They have been hurt. This makes sense, for a lot of reasons. Of course, this is amply predated earlier in the scriptures.

The TRUTH About Jesus Christ & Christianity - Alan Watts

When Martin Luther broke awa Religion is practice Some things take practice. But when the practice is over, we must act. Religion, as it exists throughout the world and through history, is practice. Christianity portal Atheism portal.

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Vosper herself is a bit heterodox on the question of Christ. Lexington Books.

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    Spencer: I'm an atheist. Retrieved May 5, Martin: Are you a Christian?

    Jesus for the Non-Religious

    But at the present time, most Christian denominations still choose to denigrate and deny gays and lesbians. Most Christian doctrine teaches that only Jesus can get your sweet butt into heaven. Good God, how arrogant can we be? Where do we… where does anyone get idea that any person can know the mind of God?

    What presumptuous poobah could ever promote the bodacious, overbearing and haughty notion that one set of religious dogmatic woo and one book could possibly explain the Divine and provide all the answers for all of life?

    Here’s the historical evidence from non-Christian sources that Jesus lived and died

    Give me a cosmic break! But, perhaps the most comical and painful part of the story for me, is that this Christian religion bears the name of a man who taught and lived a life of love, compassion and forgiveness. Not judgement, arrogance or greed.

    A man who owned nothing but lived life abundantly. And called all people to do the same. Not my faith. Your faith. Jesus of Nazareth is a man whom I have grown to love with all my heart.