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The modern scholarly turn, to which Ophir and Rosen-Zvi are also indebted, that treats Paul as a Second Temple Jewish writer rather than a proto Christian has also served as a powerful frame for reconceptualizing the braided history of Christianity and Judaism. Though Ophir and Rosen-Zvi focus on the role that the rabbis played in the formation of Jewishness, Paul, as he so often does, remains central to the hi story of Judaism.

Perhaps the most important intervention they make in Pauline studies comes as a result of the nuanced work they do in the chapters on biblical and other Second Temple Jewish literature. What difference does this shift from reception to invention make in their reading of Paul? It is only then that the difference between Jew and Gentile can be revoked via baptism into the spirit.

Paul Among Jews and Gentile

After responding to the call, these people recognize themselves as gentiles who have always been gentiles. The passage to universalism, then, is not a leap from the particular to the universal, but is mediated by the category of the gentile itself as an abstract, generalized other to Jewishness. This reading of Paul is both creative and ingenious. On their reading, Gentile does the work of suspension, allowing Paul to transition his converts into a universal community.

In 2 Corinthians 3, Paul makes an about-face before his Corinthian audience and argues for a clear genealogical distinction between the Corinthians and the Israelites.

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Paul and the Corinthians are able to see and be transformed by the spirit of God, while the Israelites and their heirs have a veil placed over their hearts. Rather, it gives Paul a rhetorical flexibility that allows him to resolve tangible problems that confront him in his missionary work. Would such a shift change the narrative that Ophir and Rosen-Zvi offer for the formation of the binary of Jew and Gentile?

Did Paul say there's a difference between Jew and Gentile? ✡

I suspect that it might. But there are other ways in which their narrative might be strengthened by dwelling deeper on the messiness of how the other is constructed. In 1 Cor , Paul claims that he can transcend his own ethnic identity as part of his missionary strategy to win others to Christ. As one who has not passed through the universalizing interpellation of the Gentile, how has Paul acquired his ethnically-malleable self?

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  5. To take another example, Ophir and Rosen-Zvi make the important point that the assumption that the binary of Jew and Gentile was given and not invented by Paul was an ancient one. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. Bright Ideas Pencils.

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