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What is street photography?

Select the brush tool.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Street Photography

You can load your brush with any adjustments you want to apply. Although there are brush presets you can use for skin softening, teeth whitening, etc. In this example it will just even out the skin tone and give it a soft, glowing appearance. A mature person photographed in stronger light, will require a different treatment. The lower the clarity slider, the softer the skin will appear. For a grungy look, increase the clarity slider. Reducing the clarity tends to flatten out the image, so you can increase the contrast, deepen the shadows and increase the highlights to balance this out.

Brush all over the area with your adjustment brush. Still using the adjustment brush, click on the erase brush tool, and remove the brushed-on effect from around the eyes, mouth, and hair.

Brush off the adjustments from unwanted areas. Here are the adjustments so far. Looking good.

The Camera

Zooming in even closer, then use the Adjustment Brush to add clarity and sparkle to the eyes. Note that by increasing the clarity, you also make the affected part of the image darker.

Compensate with your exposure slider. Be sparing with this technique to avoid an unnatural look. Use the brush tool to sharpen the outline of the eyes. Moving on to the mouth area now. Using the same technique as with the eyes, brush on clarity and increase saturation. I have also moved the temp and tint sliders up to alter the hue of her lips.

Books on photo techniques

Brush over the lips to add colour and clarity. To lighten teeth, use the brush tool with the saturation slider decreased, and the exposure slider increased just a little. Finally for this image I have lightened the hair and background to reduce contrast between her face and the background, and to give separation between hair and background. Finally, lighten the hair and background to give separation. Share your tips and tricks and, of course, questions in the comments section below.

Step #2: Adjust the white balance

Whether you are shooting film or digital, you cannot shoot anything without light. Opening Photoshop for the first time is like cracking open a fantasy novel that opens up an entirely new world of strange creatures, opposite natural laws and a completely new language. That new fantasy world is bursting with exciting possibilities, yet bogged down by so many unknowns.

Beginner photographers are often intimidated by the term exposure triangle, and think that they missed a lesson in geometry class. But the 3 components of this triangle - aperture, ISO and shutter speed - are key when learning about the technique and composition of an image. One of the hardest things to perfect in a photo is the exposure, as there are many pieces to bring together for the perfect image.

Exposure bracketing allows you to take 3 images at 3 different exposures which gives you the security of knowing that one of them will have captured the light in the best possible way. Sure, a good photograph is all about the subject — but what about the background? Every new photographer feels the same confusion when hearing about the differences between shooting images in RAW vs. In the past, most photographers used JPEG because you could get more images on your memory cards and the photos looked good.

Creative stipulations may sound like it belongs on the list of oxymorons right alongside jumbo shrimp and bitter-sweet, but rules can either be restricting — or inspirational. Composition is full of both photography rules and techniques.

The beginner’s guide to portrait photography – MY-CAMERA-SCHOOL

That characteristic sound that a camera takes as it snaps a photo? Photography captures a moment in time — but who says that moment has to be a split second? Long exposure photography takes a single image over several seconds or even several minutes.

Is it a great subject? An expensive camera? High-end DSLRs have taken some crappy photos. Toy cameras have taken breathtaking shots.