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For example, what does economically active aging imply; how can the awareness of economic value of elderly people be raised; and how can we develop the silver economy at local, regional and national levels? We are witnessing an increase in entrepreneurial activities across EU related to in- creasing the quality of life for elderly e.

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Many problems that had appeared in the past regarding population aging may be attributed to inadequate institutional and legal framework which has been too rigid to encompass complex issue of getting old in economic, social or any other sense. Secular Stagnation? Alders, P. India: opportunities and challenges of demographic transition, he Silver Market Phenomenon.

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Marketing Minute 123 "Five Ways to Build Your Brand" (Brand Marketing / Brand Strategy)

Klebl, K. Lisenkova, K. Meiners, N. Reuben , D. Stroud, D. World Economic Forum Zsarnocky, M. Related Papers.

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By Senka Gazibara. The brand is there only to serve customers because, obviously, without customers, there is no brand. Moreover, little attention is paid to the Internet, which would seem an obvious tool to ensure relevancy to new generations of consumers. And the book offers no metrics, beyond one kludgy formula, to ensure accountability. The value of Brand Rejuvenation lies in making clear the need to keep brands relevant to customers.

It also reminds readers that managers must be as focused on the longevity of brands as they are on successful launches. But although this book has a few good ideas to ensure relevancy, it places most of its faith in the skills of individual brand managers. Brand Rejuvenation largely ignores the most important way to ensure sustainability: continuous interaction with customers, suppliers, and distributors, and the willingness — indeed, the need — to use their input to guarantee that the brand continues to deliver value.

Why do so many products fail to become brands? Johnny outlines a process for developing a DSI: choosing a specialty to excel in, articulating that specialty briefly and memorably, and creating the visual and other building blocks that support the DSI. No reason not to think big. How can any book on branding be taken seriously if it has not considered the customers who support brands and the profitability that sustains them? But the biggest failing of this book and the other positioning clones is that it neglects accountability.

Can any company claim that its positioning has improved 12 percent over last year or that its positioning is four times better than that of its nearest competitor? Without such metrics, the positioning theory has no accountability, and without accountability, there is no credibility with CEOs. Still, if you desire to know how to perform a marketing shibboleth, then this book provides a coherent, easy-to-follow road map. In other words, how can Asian firms move from OEM original equipment manufacturer status — as the producers of all the brands displayed on Carrefour and Wal-Mart shelves — to OBM original brand manufacturer status, with the cachet, say, of a Lexus or a Sony?

According to one study, fewer than 10 global brands originated in Asia. Yet all the external elements are in place for original Asian brands to thrive. Asian firms that can meet demanding OEM requirements can certainly meet consumer requirements. Cheap money in most Asian markets makes capital easy to raise.

The same cultural forces — movies and television — that once propelled U. The reasons include an insufficient understanding within Asian companies of the value of branding, an overemphasis on short-term results, and a focus on marketing tactics rather than on strategic branding. To ensure that Asian branding power matches its economic power, Mr. Many Westerners still see Asia archaically as made up of peasants, pagodas, and Buddhist priests, but it is now modern and extremely urban, characterized by a mosaic of cultures and a willingness to look East instead of West for ideals.

Other factors include a large rural—urban divide and a substantial Islamic presence. Autonomy and independence are not as important or at least do not have the same connotations as in the West. However, anyone with even minimal branding experience in Asia understands that Asian companies face two sets of challenges.

The first set involves the branding hurdles every company faces, such as distribution, product quality, customer relationships, promotion, and measurement. The second involves challenges unique to Asia, including distribution across a large geographic area; low per-capita incomes in many countries; a vast number of cultural, linguistic, and religious differences that can complicate packaging and messaging; government restrictions on marketing activities; hyperacute price consciousness; and the collectivist attitude noted earlier. Clearly, management or branding tactics common in the West may not always work in Asia.

As Mr. They recognize that it will lead to greater profitability, opportunities for better strategic relationships, and increased leverage for their marketing spending. Author Profile: Nick Wreden nick fusionbrand. How to stand out in a crowded marketplace 2. Creating a fairer market for capital in South Africa 3.

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Why 50 years and above is the new target consumer group for some brands

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Brands need to ensure their designs are age-agnostic – Marketing Week

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